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Drug, Alcohol & Dot Physical Services & Fees

DOT UA Random Program Annual Fee- $50.00
In our Drug and Alcohol Program, we will pull random UA’s 4 times a year. Every March we will mail out the MIS (Management Information System) report no later than March 15th.

Federal Drug Screen- $55.00
Our Federal Drug Screens do not require an appointment and are picked up daily around 3:30PM and receive results usually within 1 Business Day.

Non-DOT Drug Screen- $45.00
Our NON-DOT Drug Screens are done on the spot and will be given the results immediately

Alcohol Screen – $30.00
Alcohol screens are available for Pre-employment, random, post-accident or reasonable suspicion cause.

DOT Physical – $80.00
DOT Physical’s are usually schedule for the same day. They take place in the front Chiropractor’s office.